1. Elementary conditions
If it hasn't been established in a different way, a company which places an order at the Invalids' Cooperative Bielsko Brush Factory "BEFASZCZOT" for the first time is obliged to make cash payment or to show the bank transfer confirmation at the receipt of products.

The customer is obliged to present the following documents of their company:

  • the registration record of the business activity,
  • decision of the bestowal of the tax identification number (called NIP),
  • - the certificate of the bestowal of the firm number (called REGON).

Orders are executed within 7 days according to the conditions established individually with a customer.

2. Execution of order
The first delivery is executed on the basis of written order including:

  • the exact name and the address of the customer,
  • NIP and REGON numbers,
  • contact phone numbers, names and surnames of the people engaged in the transaction.

If the customer requires its individual printed design on the ordered products, they should deliver with the order also computer form of the design (Corel Draw versions from 3.0 to 9.0) or its graphic form (originally printed logo) with the description of colours in the PANTONE range. An order is finally executed after the written agreement concerning the projects of the design and establishing the fixed date and the way of delivery, prices and the terms of payment.

3. Delivery execution
The prices of products include the cost of transport within Poland. The condition of the dispatch of products is a customer's prior delivery of the authorization, which enables us to invoice them with value added tax (VAT) without their signature.

4. Terms of payment
The Invalids' Cooperative Bielsko Brush Factory "BEFASZCZOT" and the customer establish the way and date of the payment individually. The invoice of value added tax (the VAT invoice) is the final call for payment. The date indicated in the invoice determines the deadline when the money should come in the account of the Cooperative.

5. Complaints
The customer is entitled to put forward a written claim concerning the ordered products within 7 days since the date of its receipt. The Invalids' Cooperative Bielsko Brush Factory "BEFASZCZOT" reserves 14 days since receiving the written claim for taking decision about the complaint.

6. Forms of contention solving
If the contentious issues cannot be solved in the out-of-court way, proper regulations of the Civil and Commercial Code are applied. The Court considers any possible litigation adequate to the field and location of the seat of the Invalids' Cooperative Bielsko Brush Factory "BEFASZCZOT" in Bielsko Biala.