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Painting tools, paintbrushes

Bielsko Brush Factory

Painting tools | paint-brushes: paintbrushes in sets / paintbrushes A/B lux / paintbrushes B standard / paintbrushes castor / paintbrushes two-component / paintbrushes with ferrule / paintbrushes for acryl
wall paint-brushes | round paint-brushes | flat paint-brushes | oval paint-brushes | plastic paint-brushes | angular paint-brushes
pro run/series paintbrushes: ring-shaped with ferrule / flat "semi-English" #8mm / for acryl and water paints B" type / "English" type brushes, "B" type / flat, angular brushes #8mm
painting sets
paint rollers and sponges: polyurethane / flock / fur paint rollers / string paint rollers / of special use / other paint rollers / handles, sieves and painting dishes
paint-brushes: made of wire / others
spatulas: painting spatulas / others
euromale | other painting accessories


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